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Onsite Training

group-of-workers-at-a-warehouse-000088821845-large.jpgAll DGI's public seminars are available as onsite training or private webinar programs conducted at your facility. Our onsite programs give you the ability to customize and combine any of our public classes to fit your training needs.  The end result is a seminar that is strictly tailored to your products, job functions, shipping patterns and internal requirements.

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Benefits of Onsite Training:

  • Saves money on tuition and travel expenses by having the instructor come to you.
  • Saves time in the classroom, as programs are focused on your products.
  • Customized programs designed to meet your product and training needs.
  • Flexibility of location, hours and dates (including weekends)
  • Ensures students learn at the same level and more staff can attend.
  • Direct interaction with your instructor prior to the seminar.
  • Classes available in Spanish for all modes of transport.

Training Description and Duration:

Let DGI design a training program to meet your needs based on the following:

  • Mode of Transportation: IATA/ICAO (Air), 49CFR (Highway/Rail), IMDG/IMO (Ocean) or TDG – Canadian Transport.
  • Job Functions: (not limited to) Shipping, Warehouse/Receiving, Production, Laboratory/Testing, Packaging, Management/Supervisor, Clerical/Documentation, Airline Employees, handling companies, etc.
  • Your Hazmat Products: (not limited to) All hazard classes including: Infectious/Diagnostics, Radioactive Materials, Hazardous Waste, Explosives, Hazwopper, Driver Training, Train-the-Trainer, etc.
  • Other considerations: employees previous training, number of students to be trained, your company policies, staff scheduling, etc.

Number of training days is based on above information, and ranges from 1 to 3 days per mode of transportation. However, if you ship by multiple modes of transport or have one specific product, the number of training days may be reduced.


Generally, onsite training is cost effective when you have 7 or more employees who require similar training. Cost is based on a daily rate plus expenses.

  • Daily Instructional Rate: Scale from $1550 to $1750, which includes 8 students
  • Additional students: $75 to $95 per person
  • Instructor per diem: $45 per training day

Additional expenses are instructor airfare, ground transportation, reasonable hotel accommodations and shipping charges to return classroom materials.

All training programs include instructor, program, course workbooks, certification and the use of actual regulations when applicable. DGI programs are fully guaranteed to satisfy job specific transportation training requirements of the U.S. DOT, ICAO/IATA, IMDG/IMO and TDG-Canadian Transport.

For more details contact Frank Nerli at 805-473-0978 or or request a quote below.