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Canadian Students

Important Notice to DGI's Canadian Students

A person who resides/works within Canadian borders and handles, offers for transport or transports dangerous goods must be adequately trained and hold a certificate in accordance with Transport Canada (TDG Regulations), Part 6, Section 6.1. The certificate requirements differ from ICAO and IMDG and require additional information for compliance. This certificate below must accompany your DGI Training certificate and be maintained in your training records.

An employer who has reasonable grounds to believe an employee is adequately trained and will perform duties to which the training relates must issue a certificate to the employee. (6.3 (1))

The certificate below contains the information required as per TDG 6.3(1) (a) – (d). Certificate must be completed by your employer. This certificate must be made available upon demand, so we recommend making a copy and carrying it with you at all times. (TDG 6.8)

Employer Must Complete the Following Certificate - Click here
Retain 1 copy for your records, and 1 copy to remain with employee at all times

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